Purina Fancy Feast Grain Free Wet Cat Food Complement; Appetizers Skipjack Tuna With a Sole Topper - 1.1 oz. Tray

Treat your cat to the mouthwatering flavors found in Purina Fancy Feast Skipjack Tuna With a Sole Topper in a Delicate Broth. Each Fancy Feast Appetizer recipe starts with high-quality protein and is finished with savory broth. Fancy Feast Appetizers are presented in a petite 1.1 oz. package - the perfect size to serve any time without the hassle of time-consuming cleanup. The real, recognizable ingredients and savory broth bring together an exquisite combination of ingredients cats truly desire, while the tempting tender texture is easy for your cat to enjoy. Serve this seafood appetizer as a complement to your cat's complete and balanced diet. Share a precious moment with your cat when you serve her a Purina Fancy Feast Appetizer, and enjoy indulging her taste buds whenever she deserves a little something extra in her dining routine.