J. Lohr Pure Paso Proprietary Red Wine

The J. Lohr Pure Paso Proprietary Red Wine is exactly what the name suggests: authentic Paso Robles winegrowing history captured in a bottle. J. Lohr Pure Paso artfully blends Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sirah – two J. Lohr benchmark varieties – into a unique proprietary red wine. The two varieties have long been intertwined in J. Lohr’s winegrowing history and, in particular, the Lohr family’s pioneering efforts in the Paso Robles region. This Pure Paso Proprietary Red Wine highlights J. Lohr’s house-style, which is acclaimed for its dense and focused fruit signature, coupled with a soft, approachable palate. Its classic, dramatic packaging recalls Paso Robles’ frontier ethos. It is our delicious, proprietary tribute to one of the world’s great winegrowing regions – a special place that J. Lohr is proud to call home.