Danimals Squeezables Low Fat Yogurt Pouch, Cotton Candy, Gluten-Free,3.5 oz., 4 Pack

Adding a Danimals Cotton Candy Lowfat Yogurt Squeezable can make any lunchbox or after-school snack more fun! Deliciously creamy and full of cotton candy goodness, it’s a gluten-free and nutritious snack your kids will be looking forward to all day. Every tasty slurp will put smiles on their faces, while providing a nutritious snack with calcium and vitamin D. Our yogurt squeeazables are conveniently packaged for easy on-the-go snacking. No spoon, no problem: your kids can enjoy every last drop without making a mess. Try freezing them overnight and then add them to a lunchbox; they’ll keep cool and thaw just in time for lunch.