Izzio Artisan Bakery Sourdough, Everything 24 oz

Est. 1994. Natural sourdough fermentation. Our mild sourdough loaded inside and out with toasted sesame and poppy seeds, onion and garlic. Packed with the traditional savory flavor of our everything seed mix. Great bread starts with the best ingredients and all natural sourdough starters. This is why we at Izzio collaborated with our local farmers and millers to create a custom flour made from wheat we can trace back to the farm. This is how we know our flour is pure, without GMO's, and without any unnecessary enrichments or additives. Using methods that are thousands of years old, we use our custom flour to nurture each of our mother starters resulting in loaves of bread that have multiple layers of flavor. Our traditional baking and fermentation methods also help break down the gluten enabling the body to absorb more nutrients and promote good gut health. We believe that baking great bread takes time and care so that every loaf can be healthy and delicious. Please enjoy!