Gerber 2nd Foods Organic for Baby Wonder Foods Baby Food, Banana Blueberry Blackberry Oatmeal, 3.5 oz Pouch

Gerber 2nd Foods Baby Food, Banana, Blueberry, Blackberry Organic Oatmeal comes in a convenient pouch that’s sized just right for little hands. This blueberry baby food pouch includes 2/5 banana, 6 blueberries, 1 blackberry and 1/2 tablespoon oats for a yummy combination that provides 5 grams of whole grains. Made with non-GMO ingredients that are grown with Clean Field Farming practices, this Gerber organic baby food includes no artificial colors or flavors and no added starch. Our Gerber organic pouches have a proprietary Smart Flow spout that controls the amount of food that comes out to help toddlers master self-feeding with less mess. The pouches also are transparent so you can monitor the feeding process. Serve this stage 2 baby food to your seated toddler, and refrigerate leftovers within one hour of opening. Serve leftovers within 24 hours.