Diet Coke Feisty Cherry Soda Soft Drink, 12 fl oz, 8 Pack

Diet Coke feisty cherry cherry chili flavored & other natural flavors ok, so be warned: feisty cherry has an attitude. the fruit flavor is juicy, sure. but this one’s a little bit more. this one has a bit of sass. it’s not afraid to punch back. and it’s super good. what’s in each can? a flavor adventure. feisty cherry is a bold and unexpected-yet-refreshing twist on a classic that complements the crisp taste of the Diet Coke you know and love. it brings a little heat. and it does it all with zero calories and zero sugar. neat, right? it’s as original and authentic as, well, you. if you’re feeling extra—or maybe you’re just super into the color purple—yeah, this is the one. it’s no ordinary cherry. just grab a can and see for yourself. one sip, and you’ll have no choice but to stan.