ChapStick Classic Strawberry Lip Balm Tubes - 0.15 Oz (Pack of 12)

ChapStick Classic Strawberry Lip Balm Tubes are a soothing lip moisturizer with a paraben free lip care formula that you will love. This classic ChapStick comes in a vibrant, sweet strawberry flavor that reminds you of summer. With a hydrating formula and petite, compact design, this flavored lip balm is sure to be a staple all year long. At only 0.15 ounces, this strawberry ChapStick is conveniently portable and easy to apply throughout the day. Keep this flavored ChapStick classic lip balm on hand in your pocket, purse or drawer, and apply whenever your lips start feeling dry. Each ChapStick 12 pack keeps you comfortably stocked, while its timeless flavor makes each application pleasant and moisturizing.