Pledge Multisurface Cleaner Spray, Fresh Lavender Scent - Electronic, Stainless Steel & Glass Cleaner (1 Aerosol Spray), 9.7 oz

Pledge Multisurface Cleaner Spray is multi-talented, for multi-use and ready to clean just about everything. Sometimes, all it takes to bring out the beauty in your home is a quick cleaning or dusting. And there’s no easier way to do it than with Pledge Multisurface Cleaner. It’s tough on messes and removes 3x more dust than a dry cloth, taking care of fingerprints, smudges and smears on your sealed hard surfaces. Its formula is designed to be gentle and safe for all your favorite surfaces, revealing their natural beauty without damaging them. Add this electronic, wood, stone, stainless steel & glass cleaner to your cleaning supplies for an effective clean. Choose from a wide variety of fragrances to give you the mood and feel you are looking for.