Glad® ForceFlexPlus Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags - 13 Gallon Grey Trash Bag, Fresh Clean with Febreze Freshness – 68 Count

Glad® ForceFlexPlus Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags provide 2X leak protection with double side seams and a reinforced bottom to guard against leaks and trap liquids in the bag. Designed with ForceFlexPlus technology, these trash bags provide two layers of strength and stretch for 2X Leak Protection. Plus, they trap, lock and neutralize odors with lasting Febreze freshness in Fresh Clean scent. What goes in the trash, stays in the trash with Glad®, featuring RipGuard® and LeakGuard® technology. Glad’s two durable layers handle the most demanding trash, with an outer layer to protect against leaks and a strong inner layer to prevent rips and tears. The Grips-The-Can Drawstring ensures that the bag stays in place, making it easy to close and carry out the trash.