Eveready Readyflex Floating Lantern

EVEREADY Readyflex Floating LED Lantern gives you bright light when you need it, whether you're staying inside during a power outage or moving about outdoors. Because it floats for easy recovery in water, this battery powered lantern is ideal for storing in boats, kayaks or canoes. This water lantern also makes a great addition to hurricane supplies and survival kits. Equipped with 80 lumens of bright LED light, this EVEREADY floating lantern has an impressive beam distance of up to 175 meters. Includes two D carbon zinc batteries to keep this LED camping lantern shining brightly for up to 70 hours, or use four D carbon zinc batteries for 140 hours of reliable light when you need it most. The large handle is easy to grab for a convenient handheld lantern. EVEREADY is always trusted and always ready to provide dependable light for any situation.