Blue Diamond Honey Mustard Nut-Thins 4.25 oz

Enjoy a sweetly spicy, crunchy snack that gives back with Blue Diamond Almonds, Honey Nut Thins Honey Mustard, 4.25 oz. Blue Diamond has been producing almonds since 1910. They've spent over 100 years getting to know almonds and they believe no one knows them, or loves them like they do. Honeybees pollinate Blue Diamond's California almond trees and one third of the world's food supply. Blue Diamond's almond trees love honeybees and they do too! The health of honeybees is so important to Blue Diamond, the company is donating to Honeybee Research. To celebrate this sweet partnership, Blue Diamond has created these sweet and savory gluten free honey mustard pretzels, showcasing the all-natural flavors of crunchy almonds, zesty mustard and creamy honey in every bite. The crackers are made with rice flour in place of traditional wheat flour to ensure that it's completely gluten-free. The wheat free mustard crackers low in fat and are certified Kosher, for added convenience.