OREO Chocolate Halloween Candy, Fun Size Trick or Treat Chocolate Candy Bars, 10.2 oz Bag

Milk’s Favorite Candy Bar OREO Chocolate Candy Bars are just as grabbable, snackable, and dunkable as the original cookie. If you long for the classic taste of childhood, this candy bar will tease your taste buds. These wrapped fun-size packs make preparing for trick or treaters and Halloween parties simple (and delicious). This package contains 25 individually wrapped fun-size packs of OREO Chocolate Candy Bars. Enjoy OREO Chocolate Candy Bars Anytime, Anywhere When they’re individually wrapped and pre-portioned, OREO candy bars become go-to Halloween trick or treat candies. Keep OREO Halloween chocolate candy on hand for a party mix, anytime snack, or ready for anyone who comes to trick or treat. Add this pack of OREO Chocolate Candy Bars to your cart for trick or treating and Halloween gatherings.