WHOPPERS Snowballs Malted Milk Balls in Vanilla Flavored Creme Candy, Christmas, 4 oz, Box

WHOPPERS Snowballs candy is the classic malted milk candy everyone wants to munch on during movie nights and snack breaks, except instead of a milk chocolate coating, each piece is coated in delectable vanilla flavored creme. This malted treat makes for a decadent taste and a satisfying crunch. Keep a box in your kitchen pantry or desk drawer to make sure you always have a sweet treat on hand. These bite-size candy pieces are a classic movie night staple dressed up for winter and ready to fill out the snack selection and make your next holiday film adventure extra special. Looking for more possibilities? Try adding these treats to your favorite holiday cookie or brownie recipes. Bring your box to work to share with co-workers and friends, or leave it at home for family members and guests to build their very own candy snowmen. If you'd like to up your snacking and gifting games, try stuffing holiday stockings and gift bags with full boxes of WHOPPERS Snowballs malted milk candy. Wherever these delectable treats end up, someone is sure to enjoy them to the last piece!