M&M's Keylime Pie

M&M'S White Chocolate Key Lime Pie Easter Candy is the perfect Spring treat. Tap into fresh Spring vibes with these white chocolate candies. M&M'S fans will love this new flavor just in time for Easter. Key Lime Pie flavored white chocolate centers surrounded by green and white candy shells will add fun to all your Easter celebrations. Add these white chocolate candies to Easter baked goods. Top cupcakes and birds nest cookies with these brightly colored white chocolate candies. They're the perfect Easter egg candy to hide in plastic eggs for Easter egg hunts. Fill Spring candy jars and dishes full of M&M'S White Chocolate Key Lime Pie candy. Add fun to your Spring decorating with M&M'S Easter candy. You won't want to leave out M&M'S White Chocolate Key Lime Pie candy in Easter baskets. There are endless ways to brighten up your Easter celebrations with M&M'S candy.