Spice Trend Whole Cloves 0.55 oz

From the French word for nail, “clou”, cloves are the dried flower buds of a tropical evergreen tree. Spice Trend® Whole Cloves have a spicy-sweet flavor. The bold, spicy scent and intense, warm flavor of cloves make the kitchen a cozy place to gather. Picture apple cider with whole cloves and orange slices simmering on the stove, or a clove-studded ham glistening with a brown sugar glaze. Cloves bring incredible depth to slow-cooked dishes. To avoid biting into a whole clove, stud a whole onion with a few cloves and add it when simmering stock, beans or stew. Indian cooks, who prize whole cloves for their aroma as much as their flavor, add them to spice blends for curries, chai and rice dishes.